Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Charity Throughout the Year

Please allow this to serve as a warm, heartfelt thank you to all of the many generous and benevolent contributors who donated to the Suitcases For Kids initiative here in Southwest Michigan.

This year’s effort raised approximately $2000.00 in cash contributions as well as a small truckload of shiny new travel bags and suitcases for our Berrien County area foster children.

Of course, the requisite personal care items which are stocked in these bags were collected as well and it was with great pride and humility that we presented these items this past Friday 14th, 2007.

While there are always rewarding moments that arise I thought I would share one particular moment that moved all of us on the day we organized and distributed the items.

A very colorful and vibrant back pack was stocked with some comfort items which could have only come from the heart of another child. A child’s blanket, socks, tee shirts, a music CD of children’s songs, and the donating child’s favorite bedtime story book complete with a Polaroid photo and a handwritten note explaining how good it felt to be helping!

The child in the photo was all of three and a half feet tall!

Have faith in humanity, there is hope for us all!

We chose to work on this program during the summer to illustrate that the need is ongoing and not seasonal in nature.

Many organizations endeavor to tie their charity work to the holidays as it seems the most logical of times to reach out to those in need.

I think that if I could instill one message it would be that those who are in need are in need right now.

Make a difference today.